Bethel Health Care Center


Bethel Health Care Center:

"I was admitted to Bethel Health Care on June 24th, 2011, to recuperate after my right hip replacement.  The care I received from the staff was incredible. The Physical and Occupational Therapy personnel helped me regain a feeling of well-being everyday and their devotion to their responsibilities was beyond reproach.  The pleasent environment of the facility was well thought out, the excellent choice of meals were unmatched for a health care center and the support staff was unsurpassed. As a former businessman, Bethel Health Care would be my business model! The over all quality of institution reflects the very high standards set by the Administration and the Ownership. Bethel Health Care rates a very strong 5 star rating."  
- Benjamin B.

"The first day of therapy, I was taken to the gym in a wheelchair.  The second day, I went down using a walker. By the third day, I was using a cane.  They  showed me everything from walking to taking dishes out of the dishwasher.  I was only home one week before I was back in the swimming pool, swimming every day. People were so nice to me. They made it pleasant.  Everyone worked with you.  I really enjoyed it and when I returned home, I could take care of myself." 
- Florence W.

"I enjoyed the rehab. The nurses were great. They were right there when you needed them. I couldn't have asked for more."  
- Paul L.

"Paul needed to be at Bethel. I could not have managed everything myself. The staff did such a good job.  It was wonderful knowing I could visit him whenever I wanted since it was only 15 minutes away.  We especially enjoyed having meals together.  It was like being in a resort.  Most importantly, when he came home, he could do almost everything by himself."  
- Barbara L.

"Bethel got me going so much faster. It offered so much more. The environment was wonderful.  My roommate was another Heritage Village resident, that told me Bethel was fabulous and I would love the food.  It was and I did.  I was only there one week.  It's the best there is if you have to be in a rehab facility." 
- Paul C.

The Cascades:

 “When I realized I had to give up my home—this was my 1st choice and it’s been a good one. The people are great. They select their personnel in such a great way. They are friendly and helpful. I’ve never been in such a wonderful place with such wonderful people. The food is delicious and there are plenty of activities to do. I was amazed at how quickly everyone knew my name. I feel very fortunate. It is a special place. I don’t think there is another one like it.”
- Martha M.

 “I’m here because I can’t live alone. I had looked at a couple of other places and this is by far the nicest. The people are great. If you ask them to do something, nothing is too much. My family can’t get over how friendly everybody is. It is a very special place. I was accepted so graciously. Everything runs so smoothly. If you can’t be in your home, this is the next best place to be.”
- Josephine M.

“I have been here over 3 ½ years. The people they hire are lovely. Everybody is perfect for the job. They are ready to help you without being asked. It’s like they can sense when you need help. I would recommend The Cascades to anyone.”
- Mary G.

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