Bethel Health Care Center

Wellness Programs


  • The Wellness program is designed to:
       • Address needs of residents, patients, staff and community
       • Encourage active role in one’s health and well-being
  • Incorporates the 6 dimensions of wellness
        1. Emotional Health
        2. Spiritual Health
        3. Social Health
        4. Environmental Health
        5. Intellectual Health
        6. Physical Health
  • Current programs include mobility classes, smoking cessation, weight management programs and lending library with wellness information
  • Programs coordinated by interdisciplinary Wellness Committee
  • The primary goal is to improve quality of life and prevent health issues before they arise

Complementary Therapies

Take a deep breath. Relax. Experience peace, relaxation and a rebalancing of your energy. The sound of trickling water, the scent of aromatic oils and calming music will greet you as you come through the door. A ten minute session of our integrative therapy will be available to help you feel rested and relaxed and to rebalance your energy field.

Bethel Health Care Center and The Cascades Assisted Living use programs to help create a stress free environment for our community. Integrative therapy is offered to our short term rehabilitations population for pain management and to our long-term population as an alternative to the use of medication in managing anxiety. We use integrative therapy to ease the dying process with our hospice patients. Our assisted living population and our staff enjoy open sessions each week. The Spa travels within our community offering modalities to enhance a sense of well-being, to maintain health and to help manage everyday stress for our patients, residents and staff.

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